Sustainability - Health & Safety


Encouraging and improving the health and wellbeing of our people is as vital as protecting their safety. We take steps to minimise any illnesses that may develop as a result of conditions at our operations. We aim to reach a goal of no new occupational illnesses. To manage potential health issues, we adhere to the risk based occupational health standards of the Midland Group. The standards, relevant to Dampier Salt, cover the following areas:

  • Risk management
  • Medical and first aid treatment
  • Hearing conservation
  • Manual handling and vibration
  • Thermal stress
  • Hazardous substances
  • Fitness for work and fatigue management

As is the case with safety, leaders are accountable for performance against the health standards. These are supported by our trained Midland personnel on site that implement health systems and monitor workplace conditions to control exposure to health hazards. Heavy equipment can be noisy. We are working to reduce exposure to noise by monitoring noise levels related to particular equipment, looking at alternative engineering solutions and doing a job differently to reduce noise. Our operations are based in Middle East, where temperatures can reach over 50 degrees celsius. Heat stress can become a health risk. Actions put in place to mitigate this include heat stress monitoring and hydration awareness campaigns. The vibration caused from rattle guns, a standard piece of equipment at our operations, is recognised as having health implications after extended periods of use. A new design of rattle gun has been introduced, effectively engineering out the vibration.

Sustainable safety

A safe workplace is essential to the continued success of our business. Our goal is to ensure every employee, contractor and visitor returns home healthy and injury free. 'Safety is a value, work is our priority'. This is the Midland Group’s safety statement. Priorities can and do change, but values are a constant. We work to manage the risk of safety incidents by understanding those risks and driving a culture where safety is a core value. It is not just about the systems, the procedures or even people's behaviours. Although these are all important, it is a focus on building a sustainable safety culture across the business where every person looks after their own safety and the safety of others. Midland Engineering takes a two pronged approach to safety leadership. Traditional leaders, those in management positions across the company, hold accountability for ensuring their teams think and act safely. But in addition to this, a sustainable health and safety team, spread throughout the business at all levels, also plays a key role. These 'unofficial leaders' are employees that are respected by their peers, who are listened to and are able to assist in building an improved safety culture from the ground up.

Approach to health and safety

We believe that identifying, understanding and mitigating the safety risks associated with our operations is essential for continual safety improvement and reaching our goal of zero injuries. Contractors' safety is as important as the safety of employees. We are currently focused on improving our approach to contractor management. Our contractor management process has recently been reviewed and changes made to develop a consistent approach that will ensure the highest standards of contractor management across the business.

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